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Visual Testimony: Miranda Honfleur

"Rebecca, I just wanted to say how happy I am that I came to you for FB ad management. I was really struggling this past summer with both my poor FB ad performance and time management. I knew my FB ads were sucking, but I didn’t have the time, knowledge, or plan to test and fine-tune (nor the health, but I won’t go on about that!!). When I saw you did FB ads, I’d already taken a bunch of your courses and found them very useful (especially on blurbs and BB ads!! But also PMC, that has everyyyyything), so I knew I’d not only be getting great results but also working with someone I trust.

"As an indie author, I know reviews are important (haha), so I wanted to say, feel free to share this and my name, so others can see it and make up their own minds on whether it’s worth it for them. But you took this:

"^ my creeping-up CPC (and these were my BEST CPCs… The others are, uh, let’s just say “really embarrassing,” and I hope no one ever sees them, lol) and stressed-out-to-all-hell me, and you turned it into this:

"Not only did you bring down my CPC (and still are!), but you gave me back time to write, took the stress off of me, AND you were completely transparent about your methods. I can easily go in and see every step you took and learn from the master. So your ad management isn’t even JUST ad management but also almost a course unto itself.

"THANK YOU. Thank you so much for saving my sanity, giving me back my time for writing, and expertly bringing down advertising costs for me.

"Not to mention the bonus of getting to know you better as we've worked together, which I'm so thankful for, too." - Miranda Honfleur 

Visual Testimony: Eliza Tilton

Visual Testimony: Anonymous 

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"I've learned more in the few months I've been in this course than all years prior, having read, memorized, studied, and followed every piece of writing and publishing wisdom on the market. Sound familiar? If it does, take heed. The Publishing Mastermind Course is what successful indie authors know but don't share, what every trad pub is privy to and hoards and hides in their vaults, and what even those who are willing to share know but aren't able to communicate for lack of succinct steps - or can't share because they accidentally stumbled into success they can't duplicate. But Rebecca Hamilton can duplicate it. Rebecca is succinctly sharing it. Rebecca is your answer to how to succeed in publishing, start to glorious finish." - Shanda Miller

"Rebecca Hamilton is THE marketing expert for indie speculative fiction. She walked me through, step-by-step, how to hit the USAT list with my book Shifted in Jan 2019, and I can honestly say there's no way I and my coauthors would have made it without her sage instructions. That coupled with all I have learned from her about release strategies, FB ad creation and writing technique have set me on the right path to being a well-known name in the industry, and I love her 3000." - Tricia Barr, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Before Rebecca's ads, my 8-part paranormal romance series was making $800 a month. After making the changes Rebecca suggested, the series now brings in over $5000 month. I've never seen $$$ multiply so quickly!” - Mary E. Twomey, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I have to say thank you so much for this. For everything in the course, but specifically I've been updating my website based on your feedback. I've now gotten more subscription in the past 2 weeks than in the previous 2 years." - Allyson Lindt, USA Today Bestselling Author

"On another note, I can say and you can put this on any of your marketing material that in my 14+ years of being an author, you are one of probably four people who actually delivers on what they say they will. Not to be dramatic, but you made me believe there are people out there who actually care about authors." - Kim Carmichael, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I'm only getting started with her but I've been extremely impressed with her work ethic and how ready she is to help and how knowledgable she is in the self-publishing world. I've been over in traditional publishing for over 23 years, only in self publishing since Sept 2016, but what she's been sharing and demonstrating simply boggles my mind. She is a work machine and I don't see how she manages to keep up. I'm definitely sticking around. Rebecca is a peach -- no two ways about that." - Melinda R. Cordell 

“I signed up for the PMC course in late 2018 and knew immediately that I needed to do the ads for authors course, too. It was the best decision I've ever made. I paid off the cost in the first three months and have since moved from making $200-$400 per month to $1400+ per month. I'm doing that on just one series and with Facebook ads only! I can't wait to see where the next year and two more complete series takes me!” - JJ King 

"The novella in 14 day course has been my weapon when meeting deadlines. I outlined a book this week without it and realized the techniques are pretty much embedded in my process now." - Sade Rena

"Two years ago, I was working a dead-end job that I hated and struggling to make ends meet. My book sales were stalled. Rebecca Hamilton and her courses helped take me to a six figure annual income. I quit my job of fifteen years, and I'm now full time author." - Jeana E Mann, Award-Winning Author 

"My mentorship with you produced my most successful launch to date! I'm working my way through PMC and loving it. Also, the 30 day boot camp was working awesome before the move. I'm actually going to reboot my boot camp from day one!" - Rachel Rawlings

"My amazon sales doubled last month!" - Alisha Vincent

"I earned back my investment after the release of book 1. Rebecca believes in her students, is warm, and friendly. She's brilliant at what she does and she wants others to succeed. Thanks to Rebecca's mentoring and advertising, we got an audiobook deal with Tantor." - Isadora Brown, USA Today Bestselling Author

"My first month using Rebecca's Methods, I cleared 4k!" - Kellie McCracken, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I absolutely loved the PMC course but the Ads for authors program has been career changing. I've gone from an average of $200 a month royalties to $1400 per month. This is, so far, only with one series, and only with Facebook ads." - JJ King 

“Before working with Rebecca, I had earned just over $1400 across 4 books entire lifetime. Within 2 weeks of launching my new book in a new series coached by Rebecca Hamilton, I made over $1000 on that one book.” - Samuel Stokes, USA Today Bestselling Author 

"You are a blessing. I am so incredibly grateful for everything you offer in the PMC course. Best thing I've done in my writing career." - Kristalyn Montrose

"I continually come back to Rebecca Hamilton for her builders and classes because I'm always looking to build my audience. I absolutely recommend Rebecca if you're looking to grow your career. Her advice helped me transition to full time writer. If an author is looking for good advice, she's the best. I wish she wasn't shy about showing up in public because she'd be an awesome headline to help writers at conferences." - Victoria Pinder, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I’ve really only taken a bunch of small courses that I felt I truly needed in order to make my books/brand the best they could be before jumping into anything big. Sales Page Course, Unputdownable Books , Weekly Missions Group, How to Release Books on a Budget, and Building Your Brand. With these simple tools I’ve taken my career from part time to full time and have gained a crazy, insane, loving readership. I can’t put into words how much you and your guidance have helped me. I’ll never be able to repay it. Especially now, with my/our latest project." - Candace Osmond 

"I've already doubled what I've made last year!" - Autumn Hardin

"Blurbs were my enemies until I took your class on writing blurbs. Now I can write blurbs so much better than before and any advice you've given me on blurbs has been incredibly accurate. You always saw exactly what I needed to do to improve a blurb. I wish I could have you help me through writing all my blurbs!" - EB Black

"I've only been in this course a few weeks, but I'm already wondering why it's taken me so long to sign up. The information and advice ins this course is gold dust!" - Alison Ingleby, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Rebecca Hamilton was patient and knowledgable, and what's more, the book was a raging success. Dragon Shadows was #1 in its genre for weeks!” - Alicia Wolfe 

"It's seriously magical lol. Even just a few chapters in, this outline is SO much more rich than what I usually get when.I try to outline at this level of detail. I've tried other outlining tools, but this one just feels really complete in a way that others haven't." - Jayne Faith

"I didn't know how awesome Facebook ads could be before your course!" - Carissa Andrews

“I have been an author for 3 years now, and before that I was in marketing management and was a ghostwriter and editor for many years working with publishers. I thought I kind of knew what I was getting into coming into publishing myself, but apparently, I didn't. I didn't understand that there was more to it than being a great writer and a lot of hard work around social media, and I also came at the butt end of the dying breed of free ways to market. There was a huge market shift right after I came on, and I was devastated that after the success of my second book, not only could I not recreate it, I was making pretty much nothing. I couldn't figure out why. I tried ads on my own; I took classes and watched webinars not knowing a good portion of them were either lying to me or stuck in a market trend that no longer existed. I found Author Grow and Rebecca and watched from afar to see if it was legit because between all of that and the drama we are so used to now in this life, it was hard to trust. But I started seeing stories and actual sales data that proved something was going on here, and it was good. I took a risk and put all of my tax return into the PMC and then ads class. I sat down one night and was determined that was the night I was going to figure out Facebook ads, and then the next day I would test it. I figured I would fail and need to utilize the group we are given for issues and feedback for being a part of the class. Turns out, I didn't. She made it step by step so easy to get that I took the hardest genre by far to market in my experience - YA fantasy and put them all up for pre-order wide. This was a risk in and of itself because series on KU that are all LIVE do best. Doing nothing other than this Facebook ad and not even spending that much, I got below 10cents/click immediately, and it soon lowered to 6cents/click. Then, this risky series to do it on, Book 1 (again using nothing other than this one Facebook ad) got me my first SOLO orange banner on Amazon. I'd had it in group projects before but never on my own, and to get it with a new pen name, spending so little, on YA fantasy not in KU no less, I was confident in what was being taught. No lies, no gimmicks, just the cracking of the code.” - Rae Hendricks 

"I had taken other ads courses and had no luck but something about yours just clicked in my brain..." - Susan Lawrence 

"Without Rebecca Hamilton and her resources, I wouldn't be a USA Today Bestselling Author. The courses I've taken from Rebecca and the mentorship she's given are priceless." - Jennifer Laslie, USA Today Bestselling Author

“I've went from a couple sales and a few hundred page reads a month to an average of 350 sales and 130,000 page reads a month. And they only keep rising.” - Ainsley Shay, USA Today Bestselling Author 

"I have loved EVERYTHING! And the PMC is so kickass." - Chelsea Clemmons Moye 

"If you're thinking about self-publishing fiction, if you want to be successful, then this course is a MUST. Not a maybe. Not a one day. A must." - Miranda Harvey

"On average, I earn ten times as much income since working with Rebecca Hamilton. I've also achieved USA Today bestseller status." - Rosemary A. Johns, USA Today Bestselling Author 

"This is really excellent. This course is making me think in an entirely different way." - Lorna Tedder

"I've loved all the courses. I'm a stronger writer and have a better understanding on how to market. I know there's more I'm going to learn since I'm only 1/3 of the way through PMC. These courses are priceless." - Lynda Kaye Park Frazier 

"I'm just a reader, and haven't ever bought this kind of service from Rebecca, but I do know that i've gone and bought books to read because of the way she's presented them/reading the blurb that she helped with." - Lea Vickery, PA

"Rebecca's knowledge is invaluable, and even people who have been at the publishing game for years can benefit. I highly recommend her services." - Carly Fall, USA Today Bestselling Author

"The blurb writing course was awesome. It gave me an outline on what to pull from my book. PMC is a soup to nuts course, packed full of info from writing to marketing. I'm just diving into Ads for Authors, but I can see it's not just about setting up ads, but the information you need to do it." - Marisa Masucci

"I’ve taken everything on offer and been around for awhile. 
My game changer was my mentorship of which I continue to make a great monthly income from. The PMC is a course I can’t live without and what I consider Author heaven because it has everything. Next is Advertising for authors. At the start of this year my goal was go be full time by the end of the year. I felt I lacked a lot of marketing and advertising skills to do this in the manner required to write full time. This course helped me to make effective ads. Having an effective ad seriously makes a massive difference to how much you spend and in my case stretched my budget a lot further than I imagined possible. My absolute favourite course was the how to write a novella in 14 day course , the self editing course and the releasing books at full price course. Recently I’ve taken plotting on a time crunch and plotting for a large series. I’m a pantser by nature and when I combo my ability to write from the flow of imagination that comes from my mind with Rebecca’s plot techniques the results are beautiful. I think I could go on and on but everything has been a great investment in my career." - Khardine Gray, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I find the breakdown of tasks in both the PMC and the Publishing for Profit course to be extremely helpful to me in planning and executing projects. It's been especially helpful for things like writing blurbs and planning story arcs/chapter outlines. The discussions in PMC and Boot Camp regarding planning and executing social media/promotion have allowed me to focus my efforts in a more organized and effective way. The planners are extremely useful and I definitely organize my work day much more efficiently with this info. Step-by-step guidance as to the scheduling and release of a new title have made it possible for me to truly take control of my business after leaving a publisher. PMC and PforP have taught me to run the business side as well as the creative acts of writing itself. Your Writer's Block Busters have unlocked a much more dynamic writing schedule for me with significant results. Overall, everything I've learned from you or your courses has really clarified the mysteries of writing/self-publishing like a BUSINESS. When I took my rights back from my old publisher I had no idea how to market myself or schedule releases or manage my career the way a publisher would do for me. With these tools I feel prepared and empowered to handle all the aspects of career management. And I have seen quantifiable results in my own self-publishing efforts to give me the confidence these tools work." - Brantwijn Serrah

"The blurb course really helped me. When I ask a blurb to be critiqued now, I don't need to make many changes. I feel like I finally know what I'm doing when it comes to blurbs!" - Andrea Lamoureux

"Rebecca blurbs have helped me change a pattern of decreasing sales back to increasing sales. I highly recommend." - Victoria Pinder, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Other resources give great theory, but Rebecca shows her knowledge in action. I'm certain I have learned and implemented mjore from PMC than anything else I've studied. Comprehensive lessons and explanation with clear examples show me how to apply the techniques to improve." - Shae Blizzard

"I freaking love you and your genius ads course!!! I have a $0.07 cpc ad now and a $0.03 cpc ad!!!!" - JJ King

"What I love about PMC is that it really gives me a framework. I've been around in some really good author communities and have glanced some of this info before, but it's so much different when you have someone put it all together for you and kind of light the way. I also love its synergistic approach. Can't wait to complete the course and start my publishing journey." - Jana Stojadinović  

"PMC but also 14 Day Novella. I have only started with The PMC expansions. I don't have the budget to get big results yet, but I have laid the groundwork. PMC has so much to offer in ways of helping you. I had not launched a book for five years prior to my release after PMC. I worked hard and followed PMC best I could and my book got really good ranks. I wouldn't have been able to do it with out PMC. Also, 14 day novella helped me write like 4 books and revise one in less than six months total time. And this stuff being taught doesn't expire. It's good for a long time." - Shannon McRoberts

"The thing I always go back to is what my long time betas ALL said to me after I finished PMC's writing lessons three years ago - "You were always a good writer but you have seriously leveled up!" That was all PMC teaching me how to write to market." - Heather Marie Adkins, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I started taking the regular publishing mastermind course about 6 months ago. Not only do I feel way more confident in my writing skills, but I signed a contract with a publisher in March for one of my books. It's going to be published in November. I have learned so much since starting it!" - Bree Pierce 

"I'm working my way through PMC and found it to be a game-changer so far. I've learned so much already, and I feel like it's helping me level everything up, including my writing quality. I love that it's a synergistic approach." - Shauna Black

"Loved plot on a time crunch. Did that for a book recently, worked out very well." - Shereen Vedam, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I absolutely loved my first course, which was How to write a novella in 14 days. GAME changer. It helped me to be a better and faster writer as a pantser and just changed the writing for me. I'm also in PMC and loved everything I've read so far and there's been such a well of information that I know I'll go back time and time again to check it out. I love the fact it encompasses everything writing related, from the first idea to the end marketing. This course definitely helped me a whole lot in my author career." - Jamie Summer 

"How to write a novella in 14days. It's changed everything for me. I can write a NOVEL in 14 days thanks to this course and the PMC course." - Vi Carter

"PMC has been wonderful. Also the Ads course. Actually whatever you are focusing on there is a course." - Julia Bright

"This class is amazing. I've learned mor from it so far than from all the other classes I've taken plus the books I've read. The way it's presented is comprehensive and very easy to use. Money well spent." - Ravenna Tate

"I'm still working my way through PMC but the Novella plotting course has been a great help!" - Brea Viragh, USA Today Bestselling Author 

"I’m loving working my way through PMC. I also have the novella in 14 days. I’m excited about all that I’m learning and can’t wait to be one of the ones to submit my results." - Leela Lou Dahlin

"The series development package has been amazing! To get the feedback on the outline as I worked on it was so helpful. I'm still writing the book, but it's been so much easier and faster (when I have the chance to write) having it all plotted out, and already having a plan on where to go with the other books in the series when the first one is done is such a great feeling too. I'm really excited for it." - Maria Rosera

"I immediately saw a huge difference! Like, within the same week of changing my blurbs! And then I started getting feedback from readers (new and old) that the blurb is what made them by! I would HIGHLY recommend this lesson." - Candace Osmond, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Rebecca's help with our blurbs has saved us from obscurity. I can't recommend enough." - Jane Ederlyn

"Nothing is guaranteed in this line of work, but Rebecca is one of the most honest service providers out there. She and her team are constantly innovating and expanding to stay on the cutting edge. Rebecca and Co. have my highest recommendation." - LB Gilbert, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I work in marketing/design in my day job so I know the real deal when I see it. Rebecca and her team offer service that never fail to show results. I continue to take her courses because even if I know the basics, her experience and insight into the publishing community are the difference between making $ and $$$. Can't recommend her services enough." - Dianne Frost

"Rebecca I am loving you so much right now. Not only have I actually got a basic plot for a standalone I've been trying to work out for a year or two, but I did it in a 4 minute car trip! Thank you so much!" - Kelly Carrero, USA Today Bestselling Author

" A true professional, Rebecca takes a writer's career to the next level. Whether it's honing one's craft or learning marketing techniques, her business solutions will give writers the tools they need to be successful." - Rachel McClellan, USA Today Bestselling Author

"The last two assignments you provided have me rethinking so much. I've been doing tons of rewriting but i'm much happier with the result." - Gina Azzi

"Seriously...this Masterclass just changes perspective. I can't wait to apply it to everything I write." - Melanie McFarlane


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