Shadows of Salem screenshots have been adjusted to reflect current ownership of the series.  The images shown above are screen captures from the publicly available New York Times & USA Today bestseller lists. You can view the original listings by clicking on the images.
While Rebecca is currently the rights owner of the title and Rebecca handled the marketing of this title at the time it listed, it listed before the inception of Rebecca's List Aiming service
Below, you'll find Tricia Barr's Shifted - this image is of a title Rebecca did a List-Aiming package for in 2018/2019. Tricia's title, Shifted, was a beta test run of the service listed above.
“Rebecca Hamilton is THE marketing expert for indie speculative fiction. She walked me through, step-by-step, how to hit the USAT list with my book Shifted in Jan 2019, and I can honestly say there's no way I and my coauthors would have made it without her sage instructions. That coupled with all I have learned from her about release strategies, FB ad creation and writing technique have set me on the right path to being a well-known name in the industry, and I love her 3000 ❤" 
- Tricia Barr,
USA Today Bestselling Author
Below you'll find April Canavan's novel, Kismet, which hit USA Today bestseller list as a backlist title using the Six Figure Author Coach's methods for marketing and advertising alongside a BookBub that didn't perform as well as she hoped. Thankfully, she had all of her other marketing techniques in the bag to still make the list!

The below boxed sets also hit bestseller lists under the marketing management of Rebecca Hamilton prior to the launch
of Rebecca’s formal list aiming service.

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