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Do you get bummed when your sales start to fall off after release week? Do you feel like you're spending more on advertising than you're making in royalties? Are you looking for a better way to market both your new releases and your backlist titles, while scaling up your income?

Our Advertising for Authors Course is for authors who are looking to learn scalable marketing methods.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to Optimize Your Sales Page for Higher Conversions
  • How to Optimize Your Product For Increased Earning Potential
  • How to Develop Effective and Appropriate Ad Copy Based on Your Target Market
  • How to Perform Market Research and Ad Targeting using our unique Three Tier System
  • How to Use This System to Advertise New Releases and Revive Your Backlist

The above is not a complete course map or lesson plan.

This course focuses solely on Target Market Advertising and does not include the marketing lessons from the Publishing Mastermind or Publishing for Profit courses.

Our data tests have yielded a 200% to 500% return on interest. Results vary based on market and application.

We're happy to answer any questions before you sign up! Simply email us at [email protected]

Course enrollments are non-refundable, but we do offer a 100% Support Guarantee! Learn More Here.

What People Are Saying:

Rebecca Hamilton is THE marketing expert for indie speculative fiction. She walked me through, step-by-step, how to hit the USAT list with my book Shifted in Jan 2019, and I can honestly say there's no way I and my coauthors would have made it without her sage instructions. That coupled with all I have learned from her about release strategies, FB ad creation and writing technique have set me on the right path to being a well-known name in the industry, and I love her 3000 ❤

Tricia Barr, USA Today Bestselling Author

I signed up for the PMC course in late 2018 and knew immediately that I needed to do the ads for authors course, too. It was the best decision I've ever made. I paid off the cost in the first three months and have since moved from making $200-$400 per month to $1400+ per month. I'm doing that on just one series and with Facebook ads only! I can't wait to see where the next year and two more complete series takes me!

J.J. King

I have been an author for 3 years now, and before that I was in marketing management and was a ghostwriter and editor for many years working with publishers. I thought I kind of knew what I was getting into coming into publishing myself, but apparently, I didn't. I didn't understand that there was more to it than being a great writer and a lot of hard work around social media, and I also came at the butt end of the dying breed of free ways to market. There was a huge market shift right after I came on, and I was devastated that after the success of my second book, not only could I not recreate it, I was making pretty much nothing. I couldn't figure out why. I tried ads on my own; I took classes and watched webinars not knowing a good portion of them were either lying to me or stuck in a market trend that no longer existed. I found Author Grow and Rebecca and watched from afar to see if it was legit because between all of that and the drama we are so used to now in this life, it was hard to trust. But I started seeing stories and actual sales data that proved something was going on here, and it was good. I took a risk and put all of my tax return into the PMC and then ads class. I sat down one night and was determined that was the night I was going to figure out Facebook ads, and then the next day I would test it. I figured I would fail and need to utilize the group we are given for issues and feedback for being a part of the class. Turns out, I didn't. She made it step by step so easy to get that I took the hardest genre by far to market in my experience - YA fantasy and put them all up for pre-order wide. This was a risk in and of itself because series on KU that are all LIVE do best. Doing nothing other than this Facebook ad and not even spending that much, I got below 10cents/click immediately, and it soon lowered to 6cents/click. Then, this risky series to do it on, Book 1 (again using nothing other than this one Facebook ad) got me my first SOLO orange banner on Amazon. I'd had it in group projects before but never on my own, and to get it with a new pen name, spending so little, on YA fantasy not in KU no less, I was confident in what was being taught. No lies, no gimmicks, just the cracking of the code.

Rae Hendricks

Before Rebecca's ads, my 8-paert paranormal romance series was making $800 a month. After making the changes Rebecca suggested, the series now brings in over $5000 month. I've never seen $$$ multiply so quickly!

Mary E. Twomey, USA Today Bestselling Author