Five Day Author Career Challenge

Interested in learning more about our Five Day Author Career Challenge?

Are you putting more into your author career than you’re getting out of it? Whether the time investment or financial investment doesn’t support your ROI, that can be really discouraging. You may feel like you’re trying everything and “nothing works.”

You’re probably already putting effort into learning what you need to learn and doing what you need to do. But what if you’re focused on the wrong things or doing things wrong? With so many variables, how do you even know what needs to be fixed, let alone how to fix it?

Those thoughts are exactly why I created this five day author career challenge. This action-oriented challenge is designed for authors who:

  •  Have been at this a long time and can’t seem to make progress or are currently stuck
  •  Did well in the past, but recent market changes have tanked their sales and they can’t get them back up
  •  OR are just beginning their author careers and want to get things right from the start

By the time you reach the end of this five day challenge, you will know EXACTLY what in your career is holding you back, have an action plan that will actually FIX those things, and learn 3 KEY ONE TIME tasks that will set you up on your path to six figures a year, or beyond!

Your coach for this program will be none other than myself, so you’ll be getting trainings and feedback from a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has taught hundreds of authors how to make six-to-seven figures a year, helped over 500 authors hit national bestseller lists, had a signature course recognized by ProWriting Aid as one of the top 10 best courses for authors, and has taught her mastermind methods to 20% of Amazon top 100 genre bestsellers!

Additionally, challengers will be able to earn points for completed tasks, and our leaders on the board will qualify for further trainings for FREE, custom to THEIR specific needs and unique struggles!!

There’s only ONE Prerequisite to Joining…

You have to be WILLING to succeed!

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