Course Guarantee

Publishing Mastermind Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll succeed if you follow all of my advice, that I’m offering a 100% Support Guarantee.

To qualify for this guarantee, all you’ll have to do is demonstrate you put my advice 100% into action for your next five book releases!

What if you tried, but just didn’t meet the mark?

No problem! I’ll give you the feedback you need to improve for your next round of releases. The Guarantee never expires, so if you do everything as advised on the next round of releases, you’ll still qualify for this additional support!

This system has never let me or my students down before, so I’m confident it will work for you to if you do the required work.

As they say, “Don’t wish for it; Work for It.”

I’m excited to help you rise to success!


Advertising for Authors Guarantee

I’m so confident in my Ads Method, that I’m offering a 100% Support Guarantee.

If you can’t get my course to work for your ads, I’ll personally coach you in our Ads Support Group for as long as it takes to help get a profitable ad up and running!

This Guarantee Never Expires! All that’s required to qualify for this is to follow my ads advice exactly!


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