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Once inside the members area, you'll be able to view all the lessons...delivering in the order you should complete them for the best results. This linear approach makes repeating this successful formula easy! You'll be able to post comments as well as keep track of your course progress by marketing lessons complete!

What's Included in the Publishing Mastermind Course?'re going to be scrolling for a lonnnng time! This course is MASSIVE! Below you'll find an insider peek of all the lessons in the Member's Area! 


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Not only will you receive all of the lessons above, you'll also review my 12-Step Publish for Profit System! This course is regularly updated and expanded, so that you will always be learning the newest techniques and always have access to the most relevant information to make informed publishing and marketing decisions. Because we don't want you to just earn six figures a year... We want you to maintain it and grow some more!


What’s The Value of A Course Like This?

What would you pay to learn how to make six figures a year, every year, for as long as you want?

  • Similar Courses Charge $6,000

You might be wondering what this level of support will cost you. Especially if you’ve seen similar courses that only cover a fraction of what I cover charging $6,000.

  • Writing Coaches Charge $700 PER HOUR

When I was getting started, my writing coach charged $700 PER HOUR. And this is at least 100 hours of content. Don’t worry, though! This course won’t cost you $70,000!

  • A Creative Writing Degree with cost you $7,000 to $19,000 PER SEMESTER.

A Creative Writing Degree costs $7000-$19,000 PER SEMESTER. But will I be charging $14,000 to $38,000 for this course?

No way!

  • Courses are usually priced at 50% of what they can potentially teach you to make in a month.

The general “rule” for pricing courses is that you should charge 200% of the amount you can teach a person to potentially make in a month. (And I’ve helped authors make upwards of $42,000 per month.) But again, I have no intentions of charging you $84,000 for this course!

In this course, I’m offering more than all of those things put together.

And yet, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage on your house.

Join the Publishing Mastermind Course Today! We have Three Payment Options!

Can't wait to see you there and help you rise! 

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