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Your First 1000 Superfans!

Imagine having 1000 Dedicated Readers Waiting to Buy Every Book You'll Ever Publish 

Whether you're preparing to launch your first book or have a backlist with plenty of series waiting for readers to devour them, you know the benefit of having 1000 Dedicated Readers.

I call them Superfans.

Maybe you have no fans and are just looking for 1000 to start with. Perhaps you already have 1000 Superfans and want 1000 more. 

Even if 1000 isn't enough—even if your goal is 10,000 or 100,000—this course can help you. Because once inside this epic six month training, you'll learn...

  • How to Create a Successful Newsletter Funnel to keep readers engaged in SELL MORE BOOKS!
  • How to Plot a Novella or Novel that you can use to SKYROCKET your future releases and existing backlist!
  • The Writing Techniques that New York Times Bestselling Authors LIVE by...but aren't telling you about! 
  • Everything You Need to Know to Produce and Promote ONE Book to Sell THOUSANDS More! Including...
  • The Best Exposure Marketing Techniques 
  • and Facebook Advertising using Our Unique System Designed to Get CPC as low as $0.02!

(Don't know what all that means? You'll learn in the course. But in short: It means you're gonna make a TON of money doing what you LOVE: Writing Fiction!)

I can't wait to dive in and teach you these highly effective techniques that will have your career rocketing to the top in six short months!