Learn How to Plot a Breakout Bestselling Fiction Novel! 

Hosted by Rebecca Hamilton, the New York Times bestselling author behind over 450 USA Today and New York Time bestselling authors.

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Grab the Formula That’s Skyrocketed Hundreds of Authors to the Top of Best Seller Lists!Β 

You’ve always dreamed of being a well-known fiction writer, but no matter how many classes, courses or seminars you attend, it seems like you’re always just one step away from breakout success. 

In fact, you just KNOW there’s something missing … a piece of the puzzle best-selling authors have but aren’t talking about. 

Get ready to fill in those missing pieces with my FREE 60-minute webinar. This webinar contains every actionable step and a detailed breakdown of the exact formula I’ve helped hundreds follow - straight up to the top of best-seller lists and movie marquees. This webinar is just what you need if you’re ready to:

πŸ“š Make a living writing fiction full-time

πŸ“š Level up your storytelling

πŸ“š See your book on that bestseller list

πŸ“š Land an agent or a publishing deal

πŸ“š Option your novel for film production

This is your chance to learn rarely-talked-about top publishing secret in my FREE webinar, Plotting the Breakout Bestseller.

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About Your Instructor

Rebecca Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author who has helped over 450 authors hit the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists.


How Bestsellers Do It!

This webinar will teach you the plotting method behind Rebecca Hamilton’s instant New York Times bestselling novel!

In this webinar, you'll learn...

How Plotting Impacts Your Bottom Dollar

The Formula Ever Master Writer Follows: From Disney to HBO!

And Three Things I Wish I’d known Sooner About Plotting!


With this webinar, you'll also receive The Roadmap to Writing Success for FREE!

Inside the Roadmap to Writing Success:

  • The FIVE Things Every Author Needs for a Successful Career
  • Tips on Planning Your Career for Six Figures a Year
  • A Free Service Provider Database
  • And a TON of Author Grow Case Studies!

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